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Please rest assured that all your information will be kept private.

Your email addresses will not be used by other parties. They will only be used for correspondence with designs-n-stuff, eg, if you've signed up for newsletters, emails regarding sales, discount coupons, etc.

Zencart is set-up to require your addresses at sign-up due to shipping items. designs-n-stuff does not manually ship any items (for now) so your address is unnecessary but that is how the site is set up so please don't think there is any other reasons on my part. A PO Box will be fine.

Phone numbers are collected for the same reason, should there be problems with any 'shipments' but again, designs-n-stuff does not manually ship items so there is no need for phone calls so don't worry there either.

There are no affiliation links on this website. The only sales are the ones YOU purchase.

Links to websites that have been credited have been designed to open in a new browser window for your convenience. Nothing worse that losing your original page, lol.

Hope you feel a little more at ease now and enjoy browsing designs-n-stuff. Thankyou :-)

Should you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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